Friday, 14 February 2014

Paper minis - Villagers

OK, so real life has intervened into my gaming schedule so I've only managed to make a few paper miniatures this week.

Paper miniatures?! What's this all about!

Well, you see I have a selection of swashbuckler-y miniatures but have not had a chance to paint them. This comes down to not having any paints whatsoever. This is a situation I will remedy at some point in the future, but to start off there is a lot to get, and with my budget somewhat limited by real life concerns this is a real hurdle. Couple this with the fact that when I do have some spare cash in my pocket there always seem to be some figures want.

Perhaps it is my first forays into the hobby, Milton Bradley's HeroQuest and GW's Advanced Heroquest, that came with plastic miniatures that didn't necessarily need painting, but I can happily game with unpainted minis. My brothers and I did in fact later paint those minis, but I have moved away from my family and in the great divi up I got custody of the aforementioned games and they got the paints etc. In light of the cost of these games now on eBay I got the better deal by far!

Now I know unpainted metal looks horrendous on blogs, so I thought I'd go an alternate route and use paper minis. I have a decent enough selection but I thought I'd explain each one I'm going to use in a little mini series.

First up Microtactix Vyllages on the Cheep - Vyllagers.

Cheap Folks COLOR Vyllagers cardstock figures

These are almost exactly what they say they are. Unfortunately more medieval than renaissance, and with some non-human races, but at £3.64 ($6.00) for 84 I can easily stuff those I won't use in a bag for another game and not lose any sleep over it.

The figures come coloured on one side and in black silhouette on the other. I have seen some complain about this but I also have some where the front and back are illustrated but identical, and this is worse as you have no idea on facing. Additionally, if there where two illos per mini I imagine this would push the price up by quite a margin, so I'm quite happy with them.

So what do you get?

1 Captain, 2 City guard (halberds) and 2 Jail guards (spears)
3 Tramps/invalids
Eastern style noble
5 Orcs
Priest and Monk
Some farmers
Some nobles
Some 'general' townsfolk
5 Dwarfs
A few elves (you can't really tell and so are good as humans at the table)
2 Horses
4 Cows
5 Sheep (one black)
4 Goats

I don't know about you, but I always used to find villager style minis really hard to come by, especially unarmed, and in an RPG or immersion game environment they are almost more important than the easily found combatants. I admit this has changed somewhat with the number of mini producers seemingly increasing exponentially, but still, for the price I really recommend them. If you use metal minis I would still be tempted because of the clear definition between combatants and villagers.

Here they are on RPGNow

All for one and one for all

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