Friday, 28 February 2014

Paper minis - Gwindel

As things still aren't working out on the real life front, I thought I'd post another link, and as so many people have commented on my blog header I thought I'd let you know where I got the illustrations from.

It comes down to the amazing work of Patrick Crusiau. My figures above are taken from his Swashbucklers line of paper figures, I think they are fantastic, they are just full of character.

He has a number of equally fabulous character sets, Thirty Years War and Swiss in particular for my game, plus various fantasy, historical, modern and science fiction pages. They are all free and all of the same amazing quality.

Now as an added bonus I stumbled across his blog, quite by accident really as it is not linked to his webpage at all. On there he talks about using Virtual Tabletop software/websites and has various interesting links and some top down swashbuckling tokens which I also love.

I mention these, well because they demand mentioning anyway, but also because of the use I have made of his horse tokens (actually intend to use, I need to get crafty this weekend). I have some odds and ends of foamboard left over from another project and thought his horses, and carriages too, would be great as a means of indicating who is riding.

Now clearly the ideal is a matching, or even close, figure on foot and riding, and Blue Moon and Redoubt Enterprises do in fact make Musketeers and a few others using this brilliant idea, but hardly anyone else does - until now (sort of)!

Simply take one of Patrick's tokens, resize it (I used Word of all things), print it out in glorious colour, cut it out, stick to foamboard, cut the foamboard, et voila! Now ANY figure can be riding a horse just by interposing your new token betwixt game surface and figure.

A quick tip, one thing I should have done though is get a grass, or other texture, first to use as a background, but they will definitely do.

Now for those all important links:

Paper figures

Patrick's blog

Finally, if you're interested, the text is simply Parchment and is available in MS Office 2007 and probably more, with a small drop shadow.

All for one and one for all!

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