Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Letter of introduction

Dear Mr Treboné

Greetings old friend, this letter should be delivered to you by a young man by the name of Olivier Tourillon, and it is my intention that you should find a place for him in a suitable regiment of gentlemen.

I have sent him with a small purse for his own provision and the sum of 50 Guilders for the coffers of my old regiment, I am sure you will use it wisely my dear friend.

He is a little head strong but has performed admirably in the local milita under my command and I believe he warrants further training, I am sure you will find a suitable placement.

We must catch up the next time you are in the vicinity of Tannhauser or I am in the capital.


Count of Chatelaine

Olivier Tourillon was a local tearaway until automatic enlistment in the militia of Tannhauser in the Edenstein East Gate district at age 15 where his combative tendencies found a home. The Count, identifying something in the handsome young man, has decided to sponsor him by giving him a small sum of money and a letter of introduction to his old friend the Colonel of the King's Guard.

Partially equipped by the Count, with horse, sword, pistols and musket he has been sent from his family, a jobbing carpenter, and given this chance to improve himself, something he intends to take with all vigour. He has two purses, one with a sum for his own provision, both sustenance and further equippage once he has been allocated a regiment, and another for the Count's friend.

His first task is to travel from Tannhauser, the most Easterly city in Edenstein, and home to the famous Tannhauser Gate which separates the country from Eisen and its troubles, to Edenstein Central and the capital, Auvernais.

Now for his stats, you will note I have modified the initial setup, effectively making him weaker than recommended as he is younger than normal, being now only 18, and adding in those stats that tie him into my own background. I shall have to see what effect this has on the poor lad. Now the stats:

Olivier is REP 4, Steady and Charismatic. He is an Edensteiner and not entirely devout Vaticine Church supporter, the official religion of Edenstein.

As his father is a carpenter he is a townsfolk with starting Fame of 3, being the 3rd oldest of 5 in the family (both older, then younger, sister and brother) plus a Level 2 Favour. His starting Social Standing is only 1, but I expect this to increase unless disaster befalls him on his journey.

I have allocated his class as Military, which gives him the Fast loader stat. Here I have a house rule, I have decided that reloading should take longer than indicated, requiring 2 activiations to reload, unless a Fast loader which reduces it to 1.

His starting equipment is mentioned above, all the weapons needed to start a career in the military, together with a horse. I will decide on his exact equipment and will only pick one of the options for each encounter, most likely sword and pistol, but a musket will be required for his enrolment and therefore felt he needed one too.

His purse contains the currency of Edenstein which I have detailed before, the large coin the golden Guilder, and the lesser value copper Florin.

A few other house rules, I will bring in the People, Fitness and Savvy skills from New Beginnings, giving Olivier Pep 4 (with Charismatic), Fit 4 and Sav 2. I will allocate skills to other NPCs based on duelling stats, Qwik for Sav, Pwr for Fit and Agg for Pep. I may tweak as required, but for rough purposes this will do. I want these to round him out, as I expect to see him in other situations when these may be called for.

Regarding duelling stats, Olivier has Swordplay of 4, Aggression of 2, Quickness of 3 and Power of 1, with Stamina set at 4.

I will avoid the convention of using French (and other languages) in titles and places, both because of my own poor skills and my belief a true translation would translate those aspects too? Anyway it's my blog so that will be the way it is!

His first task is the delivery of his letter of introduction to the Count's friend Mr Treboné in March 1625.

This post references two of my favourite films, see if you can spot them and where!

As an addendum I have struggled to post comments on my own blog, so do not think I am ignoring you if you have taken the time to post a comment, and accept my apologies.

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