Friday, 24 January 2014

Swashbuckling endeavour

Hello all to my new blog.

I have set this blog up to record my adventures in Edenstein in particular, but also to write about anything else swashbuckling that happens to cross my path.

In case you don't know, Edenstein is the imaginary nation from Two Hour Wargames 'By Savvy and Steel' game. It is my first exposure to the Swordplay variant of Ed's rules so I've been reading it extra carefully, and got fired up to really give a proper solo campaign a go, which is where Ed's rules shine.
So what can you expect from this shiny new blog?

My campaign in Edenstein
Not sure if I will concentrate on one character (pure heroic swashbuckler) or an ensemble (that character, plus spies, highwaymen etc.). Perhaps if you have some views you'd like to post them below.

House rules
I expect to dabble a little here and there to get a real living environment, it will all be adding in for flavour, the rules themselves won't change. So expect new encounters, some additional rules and whatever else I think of.

My Europe that never was
In the game, Edenstein is surrounded by the nations of the Thirty Years War, as you'd expect as the game is set from 1625. Well I'd like a little more freedom in that respect, so I will be detailing my alternative kingdoms, duchies and countries as they appear. I initially started by trying to think of names and details, but in the end I have stolen piecemeal as I'll explain as the time comes.

I am a fan of the swashbuckling genre, with many a book, film, role-playing game and supplement in my collection. I will review these and more as I find the time and inclination, particularly in respect to how they may impact my ongoing campaign.

Tools & links
Not only will I review, I will also point out particular tools and links of interest. As I find the time I will add to my Links page, but if you have a particular swashbuckling link, let me know and I'll gauge and link to it as appropriate.

Those house rules, encounters and details? I'm intending to make them available to download, again, if I find the time.

So that is where I am at and where I am heading, hopefully. One thing I should point out is that my AARs will not be blow by blow, step by step affairs, I do not have the time or the inclination to record the minutiae of encounters. However this does mean I may be able to finesse them as a story somewhat more, although I am not decided at present what form they may take, letters, journal entries, death bed confession? Anyway whatever form they may be in I hope they will be entertaining, as swashbucklers are meant to be!

One final note, if you have an opinion on the layout and style of the blog, please let me know. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with it, but the opinions of others would help me immensely.

All for One and One for All!

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  1. Good start, I'm a big fan of BSS so i'm looking forward to fallowing your blog. To answer your questions: I'd like to see your campaign fallow an ensemble cast. I think it will make for story opportunities. As far as the layout goes I think it looks good. Maybe could do with a little color since its mostly black and white. I love the font and graphics with your blog title.