Friday, 31 January 2014

Religious setup

So I have the countries for my own Thirty Years War Europe, but now I need the flint and steel to spark it off, otherwise masquerading as religion.

I don't want to get into any real religion, as I'm dealing with fictional (and caricature) countries with real world analogues, I think I'll do the same for religion.

While looking into 7th Sea I discover they too have thought of this, which to be fair they would need to just I like need them.

So they have the Vaticine Church, I think we can all see the relation here and it's good enough for me, and names one of my Italian states last post.

Opposed to them are the Objectionists, again good enough for me.

That's it for 7th Sea as far as I'm aware, but I want a little extra, so Puritans are renamed Constrainters, I'm not entirely happy with this, but it fits the theme.

I think that is all the major bases covered, do I need to rename the Pope? Hmm, probably I do. Turning to translate once again Leader in Italian is capo (too many Godfather connotations!), a quick thesaurus review gives me principal, or Principale, that's it! Bishops etc. are pretty universal so they'll stay as is.

Now for the dreaded Inquisition, according to a website I can no longer find it was original called the Tribunal of <something> so I thought I'd partially resurrect this and just call them The Tribunal.

Finally, it would be good to have an organisation similar to the Jesuits, here thematic application is tricky, as stated I don't want to touch on real world religion at all, so I'd rather leave out any reference to religious figures. Therefore I need to think about the wider mission of a militaristic priesthood, this makes me think of the stereotypical fantasy cleric class. Therefore I will reserve the word Cleric to refer to those in this secretive organisation of Clerics.

OK, so now I have a much more detailed setting that I can mess around in without fear of upsetting historical or religious purists. Feel free to plunder the above for your own campaign if you so wish.

Of final note is not a religion but a region I neglected to mention last post, stolen from 7th Sea once again, the Crescent Islands, although the French iles de croissant (?) just make me hungry! These lie close to the Castille Main and the New World, but that is perhaps a campaign to come in the future!

Given a little time I may put this all together in a pdf, but the campaign's the thing so don't wait around!

All for one and one for all

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