Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Country setup

So, I felt the need to create new countries. Spanish Netherlands, France etc. come with their own detailed history, historical figures with known personality traits and defeats and successes.

I wanted to get away from those, so I thought I would create my own, not complete creations, I still wanted to retain the essence of those countries, just not the potentially rigid structure.

So I sat down and tried to think of potential names, eventually after word checking a couple to make sure I hadn't chosen inappropriate I got fed up and wondered if there were any out there ready to steal.

This instantly made me think of Florin, Guilder and Ruritania. While Florin and Guilder are a bit too whimsical, Ruritania got me thinking, a quick Google search for Fictional European countries lead me to the inevitable Wikipedia, plenty there although surprisingly balkanised I thought.

I then thought of an old RPG called 7th Sea, it has a reputation for an excellent background that got screwed up as more was added. Well I could easily steal the country names if nothing else.

I ended up with this:

My base of operation as per Savvy and Steel

France per 7th Sea

Spain per 7th Sea

Heiliges Eisen Reich
Holy Iron Empire if Google translate is to be trusted, Eisen was from 7th Sea too.
As the HRE was many states I thought I'd utilise that Wikipedia article for:
Kravonia, Mittenheim, Ruritania and Glottenberg, all Anthony Hope.
Duchy of Strakenz, from Royal Flash by George Macdonald Fraser, based on Anthony Hope's The Prizoner of Zenda itself.
Grunewald from Robert Louis Stevenson
Finally, Evalonia from John Buchan
At this point I thought I'd channeled enough Penguin Classics!

The Netherlands, and low country with my pidgin use of translate

The Spanish Netherlands

Denmark, and possibly fire land

Sweden, again possibly great land

My own creation, heading back to the Angles root of England, and pronounced Anger-land as in anger managment.

Highland Marches
From 7th Sea for Scotland

Ireland, I know this is a real mishmash glas meaning green in Irish per Google, with land tacked on the  end but it will do for me.

Russia per 7th Sea. I'm not convinced I'll ever use this one, but it's there in case.

Voddace, Fiori, Marcia, Vatice
These are the equivalent Italian city states. Vodacce is from 7th Sea, Fiori means flower, not sure where Marcia came from and Vatice is from the name of the 7th Sea religion, my next post.

So that's my sandbox!

All for one and one for all!


  1. Good stuff! I too had a hard time coming up with the names of my fictitious nations for my BSS campaign. Funnily enough I also thought of Ruritania from the Prisoner of Zenda

  2. I knew this blog was going to be interesting!
    Two remarks from a native German: "Gering" doesn't mean low, but more something of a lesser quantity or quality.
    "Eisen" is a noun, so "Heiliges Eisen Reich" does sound a bit like a random sequence of words. If you want to suggest an Empire made of Iron. I'd use the adjective "Eisern" for something like "Eisernes Reich" and make the second adjective "Heiliges" optional.

    Whiteface / Oliver